Sound Systems Installation

Hames Pro designs our sound systems as if we were using them ourselves.
–Russ Moore, President, Hames Pro, CTS

Sound systems are comprised of many parts and pieces that make them work. From speakers and amps, to mixing consoles and microphones. Hames Pro provides services needed to get the most out of your audio system. Our expertise is to understand what makes a sound system perform to its fullest ability and help you to better your experience.

Hames Pro provides the following sound solutions:

New installation – Is there a new building in the planning stages? Hames Pro can work with you and your contractors to provide the groundwork for a complete installation. Contact us during the design phase so Hames Pro can help lay the groundwork for audio/visual infrastructure as well as future growth.

Upgrades or Additions – If you have a older system, there are always improvements that can be made. Hames Pro can take out the old or unused items and replace making your system the best it can be.

Repair – Electronic equipment does malfunction. Hames Pro can help. If something is not working correctly or has stopped working, give the professionals a call.

Training – Sound system team members sometimes have a high turnover rate. Usually, the sound team is a voluntary position and people come and go. Hames Pro can provide a complete training session to get everyone up to speed. You can video the session for future members or as a refresher session.

We work with many different product brands to bring you a unique system designed to fit all of your wants and needs.

Hames Pro will work with you from start to finish to ensure you have a top quality installation.

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